Mar 18, 2013

The Sanguine

A CC/Store content free build. 

I do have all ep's and sp's and am pretty sure I used most of them in this build, in some form or another. It was built roughly from a drawing of a lot I saw while looking specifically for architecture from the 70's. I stuck to a color scheme throughout the house of sanguine, green, orange, dingy yellow, creams, and deep browns, all common colors of that era.


Gotham Pinups by xpoisonivy

There will be a lot uploaded soon. It's already complete. I just have to edit pictures and upload. ;)

CC pictures made by yours truly.

Mar 16, 2013

Poison Ivy - A Plant Sim








A quick note about this sim. She is a plantsim, so when you install her, she will revert back to default plant sim state, with that horrid plantsim hair and dark green skin. She keeps her clothing options, you just need to place her in a lot, then use tce cheat to take her into cas to fix her hair and lighten her skin tone a bit. (Don't change the skin type, because she'll lose her leafy skin texture.) Her hair is the big poofy hair from SN. Sorry, I've been trying to find a way around this, but there doesn't appear to be a way.